Special Pick-Up

Special Pick-up 

It is NOT necessary to be a curbside or dumpster customer to utilize this service!

On occasion there are items that are over-sized (greater than 4’)  that need to be removed and disposed of.  Some examples are:

  • demolition debris
  • bicycles
  • furniture
  • construction materials
  • tires
  • hazardous materials (electronics, petroleum, paint, etc.)

These items cannot be mixed in with the domestic trash and must be handled separately, each going to its own place for proper disposal.  A special pick-up will need to be scheduled with the office to assess what types of material are being collected and the disposal resources needed.  Also, an appropriate time for the customer will need to be agreed on.

Special Pick-ups can be a variety of sizes or volumes, from a couple gallons of oil/paint to full house clean outs.  The cost of a Special Pick-up can vary  depending on the materials being disposed of.   When scheduling a special pick-up keep in mind there is an additional minimum charge.  Special pick-ups range from the simple use of a pick-up truck up to the use of a 15 yd. roll-off trailer. It is more costly to pick up a few items on several occasions than it is to pick up larger amounts in a single appointment.  The only limitation we have is that we cannot enter a residence to remove items.  Once they are outside your home we have no issue handling and removing these items for you.