Residential/Commercial Dumpster Rental & Service

All Clear
provides our customers with several options to accommodate their commercial & residential needs.


Container Options

There are three sizes available to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

2 yard dumpsters are best suited for single family homes, duplexes, very small businesses, or those with limited storage space for garbage cans.
4 yard dumpsters are more suited for smaller apartment buildings, small to medium businesses, or larger single family homes.
6 yard dumpsters are better suited for larger apartment buildings and larger business needs.

The dumpsters are steel and painted green to blend into the background. They also have black plastic lids to shed the rain and keep most animals out.

Regardless of which container you chose, the options for emptying that container are the same.

Weekly Service  is when once per week, usually on the same day, your dumpster will be emptied and inspected.
Bi-Weekly Service is identical to Weekly Service with the exception that the  dumpster will only be emptied once every other week.
Twice-a-week Service is reserved for our high-volume customers or those with special needs.
*This option is reserved for 6 yard dumpsters only
Additional Empties are available as needed. “The kids won’t clean their room, I will” is something we’ve all decided to address at some point, as well as that overly populated basement.
                *These need to be scheduled with the office at least 2 days prior and DO carry an additional charge.
Please refer to our Roll-Off rental for the larger jobs such as remodeling and full house clean-outs.

The Basics

All Clear empties the dumpster on a scheduled basis starting no earlier than 8:00 am. Scheduling corresponds with  residential service for the town you are located in. We do accommodate special needs services like twice in a week, seasonal accommodations or the occasional additional pickup.

Our requirements are simple:

  • All trash is to be contained within the dumpster.
  • The lids should set flat with no bags or debris on the ground or on top of the dumpster lids.
  • There are no special or town required bags.
  • Only domestic trash can be placed in a dumpster.
            Refer to Roll-off Dumpsters for demo debris & hazmat materials.
  • Dumpsters can be placed at a location convenient for the customer however, there must be reasonable space on ALL sides of the dumpster for our truck to access with ease.
  • No contracts. You are NOT locked into a yearly contract.
                (However, we do ask that you use our dumpster service for a minimum of 3 months to offset the delivery/removal expense incurred.)

As mentioned in the Weekly Service, an inspection will be performed to each dumpster during it’s emptying process. This will be to notate any damage to the container which will then be deemed as normal wear-and-tear or as unnecessary damage. Normal wear-and-tear, such as damaged wheels, or scratched paint, will be dealt with as needed by our team. Unnecessary damage, such as destroyed covers or sudden structural damage will be assessed. Communication will then be established with the customer to determine cause and discuss replacement.  Customer caused damage could result in repair costs.

All Clear does NOT use contracts.  We work on the simple philosophy of; If we are performing our job as expected then you will be satisfied and continue to use our service.  Based on this philosophy we do not feel the need to hold customers to a contract.  You may start/stop your service as you see fit.

We cannot accept hazardous materials (hazmat) or items longer than 4’ in the weekly domestic trash pick-up.  These items can be disposed of by a “special pick-up” where they will be diverted to different disposal sites that specialize in these items.  Refer to the Special pick up section for more information.