Residential Trash Removal


All Clear Waste Removal’s weekly trash service provides you (the home owner) the ability to free up your time by eliminating the weekly trip to the landfill. At the same time, your trash is recycled in a safe environmentally friendly way.

All Clear solves recycling issues by taking all your trash to a facility that provides “trash to energy” services.  The disposal site that we use does the recycling for you which means that you DO NOT need to separate your recyclables from the household trash.  Say goodbye to your bin systems and monitoring to assure that your infant (or teenager) correctly disposes of the various trash items into the proper container.  Your recycled trash benefits you directly by providing electricity to your home.

Your trash is collected on a weekly basis starting no earlier than 8:00 am.  You do not have to put your trash out the night before so we can come at the crack of dawn with a noisy truck.  We also feel that we cannot defeat the multitude of creatures (skunks, raccoons, bears, etc.) that enjoy a midnight snack out of your garbage can.  Unfortunately their table manners are horrible and the cleanup is usually extensive and unsatisfactory to you and us.

Some benefits to customers are:
  • We pick up your trash on the same day each week
  • We properly disposed of all items for you.
  • Less cost and hassle than taking your trash to the local landfill.
  • No hassles with the landfill management for improper separation of your recyclables.
  • No special trash bags required.
  • No separation of your trash into recycling groups.
  • Your trash is recycled into energy for approximately 17,000 homes.
  • Regain your weekends and time for yourself. No more wasted Saturdays to the landfill.
  • Save fuel and reduce your carbon footprint from driving to the landfill and idling while waiting for your turn.
  • No more maggots in your trunk or back seat from summer trash bags.
Customer requirements are simple:
  • All trash is to be bagged, but no special bags are required.
  • All bags should be tied shut & out at curbside for 8:00 am on your scheduled day.
  • Bags should be reasonably sized and sturdy enough to hold the trash within.
  • Bag weight should not exceed 35 pounds as a safe guard against potential back injury.
  • There are no bag limits (# of bags per pickup).
  • No contracts.
  • No hazardous waste, mixed media, demolition debris or items over 4’ in length. (Please refer to “Special Pick Up” for more info)
The Basics:

The average customer uses 4 to 6 35 gal.  bags per week.  We expect this to vary,  at holidays you may have 10 to 15 bags.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday/graduation parties, move ins/outs and such will also cause an increase in the number of bags to be disposed of.  On the other hand, it is understood that there will be times throughout the year when there will be little to no trash because of vacations, travel or just plain low volume.  Since All Clear factors on averages, everything evens out.

All Clear does NOT use contracts.  We work on the simple philosophy of; If we are performing our job as expected then you will be satisfied and continue to use our service.  Based on this philosophy we do not feel the need to hold customers to a contract.  You may start/stop your service as you see fit.

We cannot accept hazardous materials (hazmat) or items longer than 4’ in the weekly domestic trash pick-up.  These items can be disposed of by a “special pick-up” where they will be diverted to different disposal sites that specialize in these items.  Refer to the Special pick up section for more information.

Special Pick-up

It is NOT necessary to be a curbside or dumpster customer to utilize this service!

On occasion there are items that are over-sized (greater than 4’)  that need to be removed and disposed of.  Some examples are:

  • demolition debris
  • bicycles
  • furniture
  • construction materials
  • tires
  • hazardous materials (electronics, petroleum, paint, etc.)

These items cannot be mixed in with the domestic trash and must be handled separately, each going to its own place for proper disposal.  A special pick-up will need to be scheduled with the office to assess what types of material are being collected and the disposal resources needed.  Also, an appropriate time for the customer will need to be agreed on.


Waste Oil? We take that too!